on earthquakes and matcha frappucinos.

13/03/2011 § 1 Comment

With everything going on (by which I mean the giant earthquake and the nuke plant meltdown) I went browsing through some photos of the last time I went to Japan.

It was September, and the first few weeks were hot and humid from the intense summer…
and then the last few weeks were wet from the chilling typhoon season.

The summer before that was when I had became obsessed with earthquakes and it had continued throughout that fall as well. One morning I woke up early and this is what I wrote:

Awake at 6:30 am, shaken out of uneasy sleep by the now constant fear of an impending earthquake,  I contemplated the dream I had the other night. A somewhat bizarre dream in which I was a magical creature of mysterious power, feeding magical coconut curry to an equally magical and mysterious lizard man, only to later speed away via a sewer pipeline in an underwater convertible, together with some other of my magical kin. Or was it magical coconut milk powder, not curry? The details are becoming fuzzy now.

I did manage to fall asleep again for another two hours, but it was just more of the same, a restless, unsatisfying half-sleep. But the swaying I feel all the time now is not imaginary – the building rocks and shakes due to the wind, the nearby roadworks and some heavy traffic from the neighboring highway, all of which make it virtually impossible for me to stay sane. The night before I actually sat up in bed with a laud gasp, thinking this was it, it was the big earthquake coming. Needles to say, it wasn’t it.

As I break out another container of matcha green tea ice cream, I wonder, what would it be like to live here permanently? The people I ask tell me that they don’t ever stop to think about the earthquakes, that it is just a fact of life. Could I ever get used to it? I’m not sure.

Now, all I can think of is that I am so happy I’m not there anymore, but at the same time, I am so sad for all of my friends who are.


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  • Greg says:

    Really like this post. Has an uneasy feeling, the same as the one constant earthquakes here are giving me at the moment.

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