spring on my balcony.

23/03/2010 § 3 Comments

As March comes to an end (slowly), my balcony is coming alive. I moved the table from its sad little corner to the middle of the balcony and it’s now ready for breakfasts, afternoon coffees and late evening candlelit dinners. There’s spring flowers and butterflies and Japanese lanterns and even the bay leaf tree seems a little happier.

drawback: there’s only ONE chair!


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§ 3 Responses to spring on my balcony.

  • stitchsister says:

    You do indeed look ready for spring. On the first day of spring here in Wisconsin we had snow. It is all gone now, but the weather is not warming up quickly enough. My 11 year old thinks it is though: he’s worn shorts to school every day for a week. Brrr…

  • Susan says:

    have a look around Amsterdam. You’ll see a lot of balconies that have cat protection in the form of nets and/or wire. Great way to keep puss inside, but still outdoors

  • Heather says:

    Wow we would’ve been neighbours! D. stalpertstraat is the best street in Amsterdam, in my opinion. Close to everything but still very quiet and tree-lined. I can’t even begin to tell you how much we miss Amsterdam and all of our friends there. Have you both fallen in love with Bier Cafe Gollem like we did?

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