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Went out for a walk in the morning, and it was freezing cold, but very pretty. Then, at noon, had ‘breakfast’ of delish pancakes at the Pancakes! pancake place. At 4 pm went to see Avatar. That is all.





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  • stitchsister says:

    Ahhh, I love Amsterdam! I was there on a layover 11 years ago and we went into the city for a drink (it was 8 am your time, 2am our time – seemed like a good thing to do. I have the same pictures of bikes (somewhere in this house!) Or maybe there are many areas where people park like that? So cool.

    • suzyinblue says:

      Oh yes, there are MANY areas where people park like that, and there are many many bikes here in Amsterdam!:)

      • stitchsister says:

        Surprisingly, I found my picture and you’re right – the images are not the same. Funny that my memory is exactly what you showed above, but with more bikes. I can’t quite tell whether my picture was taken near a river, but I think it was. I’ve posted it on my blog if you care to take a peek.

  • […] 17, 2010 by stitchsister While procrastinating last night, I found Suzy’s blog.  Her new year’s day post reminded me of a trip we took long ago, when Primo was just 8 months old.  It was March of 1999 […]

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