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This is the Ligurian coast as seen through a dirty train window.

My best friend was headed that way for a conference and so we made a trip out of it. No, I’m lying. She’s scared to fly and needed company. So then we decided to make a trip out of it. We got to Milan early in the morning, jumped on a train to Genua and then hit the coast. After about an hour and a half we arrived in one of my favorite spots on the planet. The Cinque Terre, google it if you have doubts. We strolled up and down the seaside walkaway, had a great dinner of anchovy pizza, chased with a lot of wine (and really do mean a lot, we know how to drink, alright), then had some ice cream and walked on the beach. Then we sat in the harbor for an hour – it was late but really warm and the salty breeze coming from the sea was wonderful.

The next morning we got up reasonably early, had a great breakfast of espresso and foccacia and hit the hiking paths between the villages. It was sunny and warm and gorgeous and entailed shorts, sandals, sun glasses, sun screen, cold drinks and all those other things that you don’t usually expect to be getting involved in October. I went for a swim in Vernazza, then we picked up some more snacks and headed for some more hiking. We got to the next village just in time for the sunset, then went back on the train, all salty and disheveled, to have dinner and drinks in Monterosso.





It’s almost impossible to explain what a little bit of sun and warmth does to a person. No wait, what am I saying. It’s very easy. And if you’ve been following, you just might have a fairly good idea of what the lack of it can do, too.

Anyway, the next day we packed our bags and sat in the port for about 2 hours, just chatting and soaking up the sun. It was scorching and I just could not believe that it was already October. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to live someplace like this, where summer doesn’t really end until the begining of November and winter is only a mild passing affair. And not to mention, a place where people are laid back and relaxed and meals are a daily ritual. This last part is an inside joke, by the way, so don’t expect to get it unless you’re Lucy.


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  • waitinginthedark says:

    great pictures! you’re right, cinqueterre are among the most beautiful places to visit in Italy. and I dare say that they are at their best in spring and autumn, when they are far less crowded and you can fully enjoy the gorgeous landscape. In case you never visit it before, Camogli is really worth as well.

    • suzyinblue says:

      I’ve only ever been here in autumn but I agree with you, it’s not very crowded but still nice. Comogli – I haven’t been but I’m definitely coming back to Cinque Terre, so maybe I can check it out next time:)

  • Susan says:

    La bella Italia!! Gorgeous pics. Funny that Kate’s sis went about the same time and has that same pic of the port up on PB.

  • GailM says:

    I’m just browsing through sewing blogs this moring and came upon your site. I love your pictures of Italy. I’m planning a trip there next fall so I’m glad to hear it’s not as crowded and the weather is good at that time of year. I’m going to look up cinqueterre on the map and check it out. I love your pictures.

    • suzyinblue says:

      Thank you! Italy was absolutely beautiful, you’ll have a lot of fun. Is it a family trip? I can see from your blog that you have little girls – I think they would love it too:)

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