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03/07/2009 § 2 Comments

Last night’s Lost in Translation moment resulted in my waking up at 2 pm this afternoon. After showering, make up and a breakfast of exactly one Krispy Kreme I went out, got on my bikes and went to explore and search for a place to eat. The whole bike riding thing was a bit of a problem for me because I just DON’T do it. Like, ever. I’m terrified of riding a bike in the city. But since it’s what you’re apparently supposed to do here, I conquered my fears and tried it. Well, I didn’t really conquer anything, as my fellow cyclists and all the pedestrians would no doubt attest to, if asked to judge the look of sheer horror on my face. But, I have to say, I love my bike now. It’s blue. And it has a basket. What more can you want?

For lunch I wanted to go to a sushi train type of place. The sushi is ridiculously good, as it would be, even at the cheapest and scruffiest places. Not that this place was scruffy. It was charming. You sit down anywhere around the bar and wipe your hands (and/or face) with a wet napkin waiting for you at your seat. Then you take the little square box and a mug from above the belt and make yourself some tea, topping your matcha powder with hot water from the tap in front of you. Then you take a little plate and ask the sushi chef for some wasabi (wasabi kudasai or wasabi o onegai shimas). Then you take another small plate and get some pickled ginger from the big wooden box in front of you.


Then you are ready for the sushi train.




Eel. Haven’t tried that. Think I should?


The sushi is made by a chef inside the bar, but all the seaweed wrapped maki are made at a side bar by another chef. Sometimes they make it and add it to the sushi belt, but if you want something specific you have to order it and it will be brought to you by the waitress.


More sushi going onto the sushi train.



This was one of my favorites. There was some sort of a sticky sweet and spicy sauce underneath the sushi pieces.



When you’re done the waitress will count your plates and tell the cashier by the entrance how much you have to pay. Then you’re free to go out and explore some more.


Feel like hanging out with the locals?


No? That’s alright. Have some Starbucks instead. How bout a sweet matcha iced latte or a jelly coffee frappuccino?


That’s right, I said jelly latte. This coffee has cubes of coffee flavoured jelly floating around….bizzare!


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§ 2 Responses to tokyo: 1.

  • Fandy McDandy says:

    Zuana I just found your blog! It’s great!

    Oh and try the eel, FRESHWATER eel, not the salt water eel. Yummy.


    • suzyinblue says:

      Thanks Fandy!
      We went to that place again today, actually, but I still haven’t braved the eel!:)

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