june: 1.

01/06/2009 § Leave a comment

June is probably my favorite month. It’s has that beautiful summer feel about it, but without the impending summer’s end. It’s light till very late at night and dark till only about 3 am. It’s fresh and new, it has the flowery and leafy smells of new life, it has the fresh fruit of the season. Strawberries, raspberries, peaches. And fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes and dill and parsley. It’s sunny. It’s warm. It’s glorious.

I still struggle with low energy levels and so I spent almost the entire weekend researching and gearing up for writing my Irish Lit paper. I didn’t really believe I was going to do it. And then when I realized that 3000 words is not four, but t TEN pages, I was in full panic mode. So I baked an apple and blueberry crisp instead. And I had a friend over for some wine and pie, and we ate it with orange liquor ice cream. It was delish. And then I think we watched a movie.

Ok, so I did end up writing my paper. It came out to be 15 pages long and I was really proud of myself, because  writing about literature is really NOT what I do best. Time to get cracking on that linguistics essay next…


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