color coding.

18/04/2009 § 4 Comments


After my ‘I’m so unhappy post’  I got up and cleaned up a little. I decided to finally do my books by color – so far I’ve had them arranged ‘by preference’ which only made sense to me, but not to anyone else, as in, I knew where to look for stuff if I needed to find something, but it made little to no sense to everybody else. So now it’s going to make zero sense to everybody. Which I think is a much better solution. Then I cleaned out my bedroom and moved onto the lounge and I threw out a lot of crap that really didn’t need to be there. And I feel much better now. I think that there’s some kind of a theory behind this, like ‘de-clutter you home and de-clutter your mind’ but whatever, all I know is that I feel good in my tidy house now and I feel like I can maybe move on with my work.


While in the sorting frenzy I got to thinking about an article I recently read, by a semi-well know young ‘journalist’ who publishes lifestyle mags. Well, she’s not really a journalist, I don’t know what exactly it is that she does but I went to school with her brother so I feel entitled to label-giving. Anyway, she has two small children and wrote about how she recently needed to give up all of her books due to space issues in her apartment. Her partner is a musician and her children are children, ergo messy and attached to a lot of baby stuff, so she needed to let the books go.  She makes it sound like a good thing, but I kept thinking

‘Wait. What?  ALL of the books?’

I can understand the space issues and I have, in the past, given up on stuff I know I won’t be reading again, but I would never, EVER give all of my books away. In fact, I’ve been known to seek out books I’ve lost or misplaced and replace them! Or get something I already have, but in another language… And moreover, I tend to be so overprotective of my books because they’re important to me. I’m already in agony over the fact that my dad gave away all of our volumes of the Sesame Street Library! (although I did manage to save the one with the good banana bread recipe)

But don’t get me wrong, I do think about space and storage, and with the upcoming house moving I have no idea what to do with all the stuff I have…and that’s the only thing keeping me from purchasing my well deserved ‘fabric cupboard’…and speaking of fabric….guess what came in the mail yesterday? *wink wink*


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  • amy says:

    Did I say I’m jealous of your far far away….ok, just making sure.
    I’m this way with my books too.
    I’m trying to add more educational books for the kiddos to our collection.

    We have plenty of stories, fairytales, fiction, gardening, etc….

    • suzyinblue says:

      Exactly…I really can’t imagine NOT having books in the house. Especially when you have children. I remember when we were young my dad would read to us and not only children’s stories and that was great. We (as in my husband and I, actually requested books instead of flowers or household gifts for our wedding…it worked a charm and we got a LOT:) Albums and coffee table books and some classics and cookbooks…yay for books!:)

  • amy says:

    I caved and purchased 16 yards of your far far away.
    Enabler. 😉

  • suzyinblue says:

    wow! 16 yards!!! i just got two (tho i WILL get more:) so don’t you go blaming me:P 🙂

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