17/04/2009 § 1 Comment

Over the last few days I’ve been experiencing feelings of extreme frustration. I get annoyed at pretty much everything and I have this feeling of being unable to get anything done. I get exhausted just thinking about doing the things I need to do, going to places I need to go… it takes me days or weeks to achieve something which, if planned correctly, could be squeezed into one (long) afternoon. I. am. just. so. frustrated. Frustrated about the mess in my house, mess in my work area, the mess in my head, my machine being broken, my favourite pen drying out, my inability to focus on my writing, about possibly moving to Japan (and what am I going to do with the cat?), about the future, about the present, about my eyesight getting worse, about feeling tired all the time…

I seriously need to get unstuck.



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  • yellowwarbler says:

    When I feel like this, I start making lists, that also include cups of tea and nice things, then start from the littlest thing on the list, which is then crossed over. Crossing over feels good, and gives me a feeling that I’ve done something. It makes it easier to do something bigger. But I think you may also need a good, relaxing walk and a bubble bath. But if it feels like that for a long time it might be good to see your doctor, to make sure you’re ok! Good luck and stay positive!

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