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05/04/2009 § Leave a comment

So…this weekend I took the Ice Cream maker to my mum’s house. As usual, there’s a little more to this story than just making Ice Cream. Or maybe not, maybe I’m just unable to tell a simple story straight. Anyway, some months ago I talked myself into getting “The Perfect Scoop” on Amazon. David Lebovitz, whose blog I adore. The book sat around on the shelf for some time, and the Ice Cream maker sat on the shelf for even longer. Only used it once, with a rather terrifying outcome of mainly ice crystals and sugar. The other issue with the Ice Cream maker is that it doesn’t fit into my freezer (the horror, the horror!) and so after the Big Ice Cream Fiasco I pretty much gave up…until two things happened this week. Firstly, I received a package from Japan which contained a packet of Matcha tea. Secondly, I read THIS article (also by David Lebovitz) from the LA Times. The recipe for the lemon frozen yoghurt stood out to me and I knew I had to give it a go. And so I set up a date with my mum, who is always more than happy to host an Ice Cream making/eating event, and headed over there on Saturday afternoon, stopping at only one place along the way.

Because, you see, there’s actually more than one problem with the Ice Cream maker – the machine needs a converter to work.  Since it was bought in Australia it came with an Australian plug… So anyway, I stopped at the appropriate store and purchased what looked like and was suggested to me by the sales person to be the proper adapter, went to my mum’s and began making the ice creams – we settled on Green Tea and Tangy Lemon Frozen Yoghurt.  Seems easy enough, right? WRONG. As we went to plug in the maker it turned out that the adapter doesn’t work/fit and so went on a two hour long expedition to the nearby mall to get one that would fit, which resulted in me getting a new iron, a cake pan and some soy sauce…but no adapter. In the end we just churned ice cream by hand in the pre-frozen bowl, which is what I actually suspected was going to end up happening to begin with.


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