planner and dress.

01/04/2009 § 2 Comments

Thanks to daylight savings it now gets dark at about 7.30 pm. I have energy. Ok, I have SOME energy.

I didn’t have to go to work today, which I was very happy about – it’s nice to be getting the paycheck at the end of the month but I’ve been going in almost every day lately and even though it’s usually only for a few hours (I work as a proofreader for a post production company) it always just throws my day off, especially when they call me in the morning to come in in the afternoon. I really just wanted to do today is sleep. Although I still had to leave the house because I had a class at 7.30 pm.




§ 2 Responses to planner and dress.

  • amy says:

    I agree, it’s really coming together.

    Guess what I made out of the book?

    The gloves 🙂 Thank you very much again for the final push to buy the book, lmao

    • suzyinblue says:

      oh, cool! the gloves were cute! and if you made them out of something sturdy they’d be great for yard work…i can’t really imagine wearing them everyday out on the town:)

      oh, the book is so awesome, i’m so glad i got it. BUT the dress (the proper dress made out of my l;ovely silk cotton print) is such a disaster – i’ll post about it after easter, but sheeesh, i had SO much trouble with!

      i love the apple mint tea you made, by the way.

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