26/02/2009 § Leave a comment

For some strange and bizarre reason, that I really cannot explain at all, sometime mid last week I developed a sudden and urgent need to read the Twilight series. Well, the first book of the series, anyway. Got it last Thursday and took it to Amsterdam, because I was about to finish the Daniel Duane one I got from Amazon last month. So I started reading and it took me a day and a half to get trough it and even before I had finished I knew I wouldn’t be able to take a break from the story so I got the second part on Saturday afternoon. They had a ‘buy two, get the third free’ type of thing going but Greg refused to get it (too heavy and space consuming, apparently) and so when I went to get the third part back home it turned out that they sold out. So I’m now in a frantic search of the last book…I considered getting it as an e-book version but seriously, that just would be too annoying.

It’s sort of funny, really, that I would become so irrationally addicted to these books since I’ve openly laughed at people for reading them in the past. I literally just couldn’t put it down. The movie, however, was SO disappointing. I watched it the other day as a break from reading.


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