quilts and stuff.

06/08/2008 § 2 Comments

So, how long this time? 3 weeks? I think just about. Or is it more like 4 weeks?

Anyway. So yes, I did get that job I was hoping to get. I’m working for a post production company, proof-reading and proof-checking subtitles and voice-overs for tv shows and movies. So far so good. I’m still excited about Italy. Not so excited about my French exam in September, but what can you do. Moving on to the fabric…it took me some time but I finally finished the quilt I was working on for my friend. I’m happy with it, tho I wish my machine would stop acting up; it would make sewing so much easier. Anywhoo, so I decided to quilt oit in the random zigzag pattern and it came out alright, but I am yet to repeat the zigzag success from the ‘Lady of Guadalupe’ quilt I made for my Nana last year. It didn’t bunch up at all and it just came out looking so great. Also…I *really* wish somebody else other than the frikin bot would comment on this rambling, because it often feels like I’m self indulging in talking to a blank wall.


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