new fabric in the mail.

15/07/2008 § 2 Comments

As per usual, I’m starting off by saying I have been lazy. Or maybe it’s just that not much has happened. I spent the last month finishing off the semester, shifting furniture around as my flatmate moved out, reading books and enjoying my time alone. And I think I might have managed to find myself a job ( it’s early days yet, so hush hush). And I’ve been thinking that I’d like to buy an apartment this year – I’m so sick of renting. AND I’d like to finish writting my thesis, finally! I could have been posting about this,I suppose, but somehow I just don’t have the energy to write every day. Or even every week. There are all these people who somehow manage to do that, tho…is it just me then? I’ve recently come across this guy and his story is so fascinating to read. Tho, admittedly, very very sad. I know I’ve said this before, but I think I need to say it again. I find it absolutely fascinating to peak into other people’s lives like that. And it’s not all procrastinating, you know. Sometimes you really do get inspired. (Tho not by what I’m writing, I’m sure.)

Moving on to more exciting stuff, I got a package in the mail yesterday- I ordered some fabric from last week and it got here so fast -super speedy these folks, I tell ya. Tho the funny thing is that I picked it up yesterday after coming back from my job thing and I was so tired I actually forgot about it till this morning. Forgot about a FABRIC PACKAGE. Say what? Anyway, I’m using the fabric to make a quilt for a friend.  Washing it as I type this and I’m hoping to start on the piecing tomorrow. Oh, which reminds me, I need more laundry detergent. Think I’m going to make it out of these larger asymmetrical blocks, much like the horse pillow. We’ll see how it goes, I guess.

Also, going to Italy in the fall.


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  • mary says:

    Hi there, I found you through a Flickr comment and I’m reading your blog and you are so much like me! Down to ordering fabric from Reprodepot and a love for Heather Ross fabrics, quilt making…. Just thought I would say hi. I saw the Reprodepot card on this post. : )

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