EXTREME laziness.

18/05/2008 § Leave a comment

Talk about lazy. I haven’t really felt like posting anything and then I felt so bad about it that I didn’t even open my up laptop because I didn’t want to be reminded about not posting. But enough is enough, it’s been 2 months for fcks sake!

Let me start of by saying that I’ve been doing things. And I’ve been uploading photos to flickr!

Anyway, I’m here now. And spring is here now, too. Finally. It’s warm and sunny, except for right this moment, in which it’s actually raining. I’ve been sewing and reading and studying and eating. I went to New Zealand  and I loved it. It was so gorgeously warm!

In sort of funny/other news, somewhere between my husband going away and me coming and going I somehow managed to lose the wedding certificate and we actually had to order a new one from Australia. And then last week I found it jammed behind some fabric boxes.

In current affairs- I have some serious studying to do. Papers due, exams coming up soon. In June there will be a once-a-week craft market which I’m fully intending to invade. And then I might be going to Paris for a couple of days in July. And then in August I might get to see my husband again. Yay!


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