in bed. still.

23/10/2007 § Leave a comment

I rearranged the bedroom two days ago, craving a change. I love spending time here now. Especially, love reading in bed.

And so I’ve been doing a lot of reading in bed lately. It’s about this couple hitchhiking around the world. It makes me want to pack and just go. The people, and this really happened, by the way, had arrived in New York on a one way ticket and with $500 cash in pocket, then proceeded to make their way around. They sometimes stopped and worked for a while and sometimes just kept going. Took them 5 years. They started out in the States and went up north to Alaska then back south California way, further south still, through Mexico, then through South America. Flew to New Zealand and then caught a yacht, as you do, to Vanuatu and on to Australia.Taiwan and Japan, Russia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, then back up to China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Pakistan and overland to Europe. They split up sometime/someplace in India and continued on separately. the guy then got really sick and had to get a plane back. The girl then went on to Africa on her own to continue the round the world trip, but ot malaria in Africa and passed away.

It’s weird sitting here reading about the great times they had, knowing she didn’t make it in the end. I mean, she did make it, kind of, I guess, because she did GO to Africa, but by doing so she had also cut her life short by about 40 years. Anyway, good book.


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