autumn blues. aka depressed.

10/10/2007 § Leave a comment

Did I mention I was  sick? I know I tend to whinge a lot, but it really is cold, sad and depressing over here. What I need is a beach house in a moderately warm climate, so I can escape the rainy autumns and the horrible winters. I mean, winters CAN be nice, but sun and warm temperatures go a long way. But I digress. Let’s get to the point: I have been doing very little. I have all those projects ready to go, going and nearing completion and I’m just unable, for some reason, to get a move on. I have mental plans and I somewhat have the will, it’s just the energy that I lack. I prefer to be wrapped in a blanket and playing games online.And it’s so awful because I have plans. Plans to do some sewing work I got commissioned, plans to work on my thesis, which, speaking of, actually needs an outline I’m supposed to be showing someone sometime between today and tomorrow. And then I have this plan of going to work this evening and which I really really really would rather just put away till about late spring.

And then I go and read Amanda’s  blog and I feel so inspired and at the same time so incredibly guilty for not doing everything I want to do. I’m sure she has her ups and downs as well, but she just makes it look easy.

And so, all I can do is hope that it will get better. I started yoga classes yesterday so maybe all the exercise and mantra chanting will help.


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